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.hack// series (in alphabetical order)

  1. 1 AI Buster by Tatsuya Hamazaki, illustrated by Rei Izumi
  2. 2 Another Birth by Miu Kawasaki, illustrated by Kazunori Ito
  3. 3 G.U. by Tatusya Hamazaki, illustrated by Yuzuka Morita (manga)
  4. 4 Legend of the Twilight by Tatsuya Hamazaki, illustrated by Rei Izumi (manga)
  5. 5 Link by CyberConnect2, illustrated by Megane Kikuya
  6. 6 XXXX by Hiroshi Matsuyama, illustrated by Megane Kikuya (manga)

Bloor, Edward. Crusader

Card, Orson Scott. Ender’s Game series

  1. 1 Ender's Game
  2. 2 Speaker for the Dead
  3. 3 Xenocide
  4. 4 Children of the Mind
  5. 5 Ender’s Shadow
  6. 6 Shadow of the Hegemon
  7. 7Shadowpuppets
  8. 8 Shadow of the Giant

First Meetings in the Enderverse (short stories)

City of Hereos series The Web of Arachnos by Robert Weinberg The Freedom Phalanx by Robin Laws

Cline, Ernest. Ready Player One

DeCandido, Keith R.A. Resident Evil: Genesis DeCandido, Keith R.A. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Demon the Fallen trilogy by Greg Stolze

  1. 1 Ashes and Angel Wings
  2. 2 The Seven Deadies
  3. 3 The Wreckage of Paradise

Diablo series:

  1. 1 Legacy of Blood by Richard Knaak
  2. 2 The Black Road byMel Odom
  3. 3 Kingdom of Shadow by Richard Knaak

Doctorow, Cory. For the Win

Everquest series: Everquest : The Ocean of Tears by Stewart Wieck Everquest: The Rogue's Hour by Scott Ciencin

Fredericks, Mariah. Head Games

Gresh, Lois H. Chuck Farris and the Tower of Darkness (PS2) Gresh, Lois H. Chuck Farris and the Labyrinth of Doom (PS2)

Goldman, E.M. The Night Room

Horowitz, Anthony. Eagle Strike

Hunter: The Reckoning series Hunter: The Reckoning by Stewart Wieck Inherit the Earth by Stewart Wieck

Knaak, Richard & Jae-Hwan Kim.Dragon Hunt. Warcraft: The Sunwell Chronicles #1. (manga) Knaak, Richard & Jae-Hwan Kim. War of the Ancients Trilogy (manga)

  1. 1 The Well of Eternity
  2. 2: The Demon Soul
  3. 3: The Sundering

Knaak, Richard. Moon of the Spider (Diablo)

Land, Dave. Tale of Sancuatuary (Diablo) (graphic novel)

Lubar, David. Wizards of the Game Lubar, David. Dunk

MacHale, D..J. Pendragon series

  1. 1 The Lost City of Fa’ar
  2. 2 The Merchant of Death
  3. 3 The Never War
  4. 4 The Reality Bug
  5. 5 Black Water
  6. 6 The Rivers of Zadaa
  7. 7 The Quillian Games (May 06)

Magic: The Gathering series by various authors

Mancusi, Mari. Gamer Girl

Miller, Rand. The Myst Reader (includes all three in Myst series):

  1. 1The Book of Atru
  2. 2 The Book of Ti'ana
  3. 3 The Book of D'ni

O'Malley, Bryan Lee. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Perry, S.D. Resident Evil series

  1. 1 The Umbrella Conspiracy
  2. 2 Caliban Cove
  3. 3 City of the Dead
  4. 4 Underworld
  5. 5 Nemesis
  6. 6 Code: Veronica
  7. 7 Zero Hour

Rosenberg, Joel. Guardians of the Flame series

  1. 1 The Sword and Dragon
  2. 2 The Sword and the Chain
  3. 3 The Silver Crown
  4. 4 The Heir Apparent
  5. 5 Warrior Lives
  6. 6 The Road to Ehvenor
  7. 7 The Road Home
  8. 8 Not Exactly the Three Musketeers
  9. 9 Not Quite Scaramouche
  10. 10 Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda
  11. 11 Legacy

Salvatore, R. A. Forgotten Realms series

Scott, Michael. Gemini Game

Simons, Rikki. Reality Check! (manga)

Skurzynski, Gloria. Virtual War Skurzynski, Gloria. The Clones

Sleator, William. Interstellar Pig Sleator, William. Parasite Pig

Stephenson, Neil. Snow Crash.

Tangherlini, Arne. [email protected]

Tolkien, J.R.R. Lord of the Rings trilogy:

  1. 1 Fellowship of the Ring
  2. 2 The Two Towers
  3. 3 Return of the King

Valentine, James. JumpMan Rule #1: Don't Touch Anything

Vampire The Masquerade series Clan Novels Assamite by Gherbod Fleming Brujah by Gherbod Fleming Giovanni by Justin Achilli Ravnos by Kathleen Ryan Malkavian by Stewart Wieck Nosfertu by Gherbod Fleming Toreador by Stewart Wieck Ventrue by Gherbod Fleming

Vampire The Masquerade Clan Saga

  1. 1 ???
  2. 2 Eye of the Gehenna by Stewart Wieck
  3. 3 Bloody September by Stewart Wieck
  4. 4 End Games by Stewart Wieck

Vampire The Masquerade Brujah Clan Novel Trilogy by Tim Dedopulos #1 Slave Ring

  1. 2 The Overseer
  2. 3 The Puppet Masters

Vampire The Masquerade (graphic novels)

  1. 1: Blood and Roses
  2. 2: Blood and Shadows
  3. 3: Blood and Loyalty

Vande Velde, Vivian. Heir Apparent Vande Velde, Vivian. User Unfriendly

Warcraft series Golden, Christie. War of the Clans Grubb, Jeff. The Last Guardian Knaak Richard. Day of the Dragon

Weis, Margaret and Tracy Hickman. The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles:

  1. 1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight
  2. 2 Dragons of Winter Night
  3. 3 Dragons of a Spring Dawning

Weis, Margaret and Tracy Hickman. Dragonlance Legends:

  1. 1 Time of the Twins
  2. 2 War of the Twins
  3. 3 Test of the Twins

Werlin, Nancy. Locked Inside

Wieler, Diana. Ran Van series: RanVan the Defender Ran Van: Magic Nation Ran Van: Worthy Opponent

Wo, Yu. 1/2 Prince. Illustrated by Choi Hong Chong (manhua)


YALSA-BK compilation by Susan Ludington, Teen Services Librarian Deschutes Public Library, Bend OR

YALSA Technology Committee Program at ALA Toronto, June 2003.

Beth Gallaway Trainer Consultant for Youth Services, Metrowest MA Regional Library System, Waltham MA

Shannon Chamberlain, MLIS student at University of South FLorida and fan of Young Adult fiction, January 2013.