Work Like A Patron Day

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"Work Like A Patron" Day is a day dedicated to making library staff more aware of what patrons experience when using the library. On this day, library staff are encouraged to "work like a patron" as possible. This includes:

  • entering and leaving the library through the public entrance (not the staff doors)
  • using the public computers to do your work
  • using only the patron interface for searching your catalog
  • using the library website to locate information
  • printing using the public printers
  • using the public restrooms
  • reserving public meeting rooms for meetings
  • reading posted signs to see if they're helpful
  • sitting in the chairs/use the furniture meant for the public
  • paying your library fines (no waiving them the day before!)
  • following all library policies

By experiencing the library from the point of view of our patrons, staff can hopefully both improve the services we offer as well as empathize with patron needs and expectations.

History and Future Days

October 15th, 2008, was chosen to be the first "Work Like A Patron" Day. This date is 6 months after Library Appreciation Week (in 2008, April 13-18th). Future WLAP days will always be on the Wednesday of the week 6 months after Library Appreciation Month.

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

Use the Twitter hashtag #wlap