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== Subject Guides & Resource Guides ==
== Subject Guides & Resource Guides ==
*[http://blogsandwikis.bentley.edu/library/researchhelp/index.php/Main_Page Bentley Library Research Help, Bentley College]
*[http://blogsandwikis.bentley.edu/library/researchhelp/index.php/Main_Page Bentley Library Research Help] Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
*[http://library2.norwich.edu/guide/index.php/Main_Page Library Research Guides, Norwich University]
*[http://library2.norwich.edu/guide/index.php/Main_Page Library Research Guides] Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, USA
*[http://www.library.ohiou.edu/subjects/bizwiki/index.php/Main_Page Biz Wiki, Ohio University]
*[http://www.library.ohiou.edu/subjects/bizwiki/index.php/Main_Page Biz Wiki] Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA
* [http://library.hud.ac.uk/wiki/ Electronic Resources Wiki, University of Huddersfield]
*[http://www.libraryforlife.org/subjectguides/index.php/Main_Page SJCPL Subject Guides] St. Joseph Public Library, South Bend, Indiana, USA
* [http://library.hud.ac.uk/wiki/ Electronic Resources Wiki] University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
== Miscellaneous ==
== Miscellaneous ==

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