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What is a Wiki?

Why Wiki?

  • Easy to use
    • Web-based
    • Simple syntax (don't need to know HTML)
  • Anyone can make changes -- no more waiting for the Webmaster to get around to your requested changes.
  • Many free and open source options
  • Flexible and extensible

Why Not?

  • Too open -- "I don't want someone changing my writing!"
  • Vandalism and spam
  • No "credit"
  • Intellectual property issues

How Libraries Can Use Wikis With Their Patrons

Community Wiki

Subject Guide Wiki

Wikify the OPAC

Wiki as Courseware

How Librarians Can Use Wikis for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

  • Staff Intranet
    • Collaborative Document Development
    • Reference Wiki
  • Collective Knowledge Base
  • Guidebook
  • Planning Space for Conferences, Meetings, etc.
  • Group Projects

So You Want To Build a Wiki: Important Considerations

Where Will Your Wiki Live?

DIY Wikis (hosted on your server, installed by you)

Check out the Wiki Matrix to compare wikis side-by-side.

Hosted Wikis/Wiki Farms (your wiki on another company's servers)

Check out the List of wiki farms in the Wikipedia.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Wiki Software

  • Programming language
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Syntax
  • Version control
  • Ability to hold discussions
  • RSS
  • Ability to change look
  • Security
    • Permissioning
    • Spam prevention