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== Location ==
== Location ==
In [[Westerville, Ohio], just north of [[Columbus, Ohio]] near [[US-23]], [[I-71]], and [[I-270 (Ohio)]].
In [[Westerville, Ohio]], just north of [[Columbus, Ohio]] near [[US-23]], [[I-71]], and [[I-270 (Ohio)]].
== [[Web site]] ==
== [[Web site]] ==

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Book clubs

The library has book club kits with eight or more copies of a book, a readers guide, and anything else that you would need to have a reading group. These can be put on hold and checked out so that everyone in the book club can have a copy of the book at once.

Audio players

The library has audio players available for checkout so that patrons who use the online recorded books can have something to play them on.


In Westerville, Ohio, just north of Columbus, Ohio near US-23, I-71, and I-270 (Ohio).

Web site



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