Web 2.0 and beyond

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  • How libraries are using 2.0
  • Twitter dos and don'ts
  • Branding Your Library Oline
  • Uses of Twitter as a Customer Service too
    • AADL used as an example
  • Facebook
    • Some mention of how involved libraries should be in student's Facebook presence.
  • Blogging @ libraries
    • Blogging not appropriate for all libraries or all situations. Works for some and not always others.
  • Dragging staff into the 21st Century
  • Communication/Dissemination of information.
  • Social Media Standards
  • Building relationships with other libraries
    • Libraries that protect feeds
      • Comment made by Heidi that if your library is set on using protected services then you shouldn't be using Web 2.0 tools.
  • Copyright issues
  • General issues with Web 2.0