Utah Consumer Health Information Infrastructure (Utahealthnet)

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Utah Consumer Health Information Infrastructure (Utahealthnet)

Project Goal

Create a model for development of a statewide consumer health information infrastructure facilitating collaboration and communication in order to provide access to customized resources, services and programs for health information consumers and health professionals supporting their patients throughout the State of Utah


1. Foster collaboration among Utah’s health information providers: The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library will partner with the Utah Department of Health, Telemedicine Outreach Program and the Utah State Library Division, to be joined by other health information partners

2. Utilize advanced data networking and telecommunications technologies to provide access to health information for consumers and health care providers throughout the state

3. Develop educational resources and services, training and promotion to facilitate access to high quality, understandable and useful consumer health information statewide

4. Build an ongoing assessment/evaluation component supporting continuing program development and refinement

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