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Thanks Meredith!

Thanks for doing this wiki Meredith! (and for your diligent efforts to block spammers...)

Thanks for the wiki! I was wondering... why would you want to "distance learners"? Wouldn't it be wiser to keep them close by? ;) Also, the link to your library doesn't work. --Jimmy

Hey Meredith. How are you? Thanks for answering my question. I made a lot of changes early today (June 12th).. including adding a new page and did some shuffling around of stuff... But now it seems to all be gone. I'm not sure what happened. Is this a glitch? It doesn't seem like anybody deleted it either (I looked in the history).. Just looks like it never happened. Weird. Thanks! --Jimmy

Stopping spam

Spammers are a pain, and drain some of the energy that could be used to create/edit pages. At this was becoming a real and daily nuisance, but it has stopped after I installed the SpamBlacklist extension about a week ago. Highly recommended! --MagnusEnger 05:07, 6 January 2006 (EST)

Course requirement

As per my course requirement, we have to create a "wiki" as a part of our class in MLIS. I will delete the contents as soon I save the screen shot. Thanks,Tamil Librarian

Ayah Nanny Services

Ayah Nannies is an experienced private Canadian Nanny Agency that offers live-in and live-out nanny services in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for those families in need of childcare, elder care and home care.

As Founder of Ayah Nannies, Muni Jaffer, with two children of her own, realized, though there are a number of nanny services in the market, they did not provide the customer service and personal touch that she needed for such an important decision. At Ayah Nannies, our team consists of working mothers who understand the importance of family care and are proud to provide a professional and personal approach to finding the right nanny for you. Maintaining integrity, trust and loyalty through a high level of customer service is the foundation of our business. Ayah Nannies was launched to provide you a personal nanny that is matched to your specific family needs. We provide an element of choice and flexibility for those families that need support from a personal nanny.

We recognize and understand the need to hire and bring someone into your home to provide quality care for your children and family is a decision that requires personal approach to your family needs. We are here from the first consultation, to the process of selection, to bringing the nanny into your home. With our expertise and qualifications, Ayah Nannies is there at every step in the process to help you find a nanny that fits with your specific needs and environment.

Once you have made the decision to hire a nanny for your family, Ayah Nannies takes the time to identify clearly what your family needs are. Family dynamics are extremely important, that is why we do our best to gather as much information regarding your family needs to provide the just-right-fit between your family and the nanny. Our online Family Application Form is the starting point to identify the needs for your family.

Ayah Nannies provides quality trained nannies that are efficient, affordable and provide dependable care to assist families with their daily routines. Ayah Nannies is with you throughout the entire process of finding and hiring a nanny from Canada or abroad. Our agency has partnered with firms in Hong Kong, Dubai, Taiwan and the Caribbean, who assist us with professional screening and background checks to ensure quality candidates are selected, and provide assistance for visa applications and travel arrangements.

Finding the ideal nanny to meet all your needs is a detailed process. Whether hiring a nanny from Canada or abroad, we have a dedicated team who will assist you in a professional manner with a high level of integrity and respect while working with you throughout the entire process.

Over the years, Ayah Nannies has worked in partnership with many families. By maintaining the personal level of service with our families, our reputation as a successful nanny placement agency has excelled. Review our testimonials from many of our families and nannies and feel free to ask us for references.

Exploring the idea of hiring a nanny? Want to know more about hiring a nanny? The Ayah Nannies team is ready to assist you with your decision. Contact us by email at or by telephone at 613-219-5712 or 416-509-4107. Ayah Nannies Services