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Thanks Meredith!

Thanks for doing this wiki Meredith! (and for your diligent efforts to block spammers...)

Thanks for the wiki! I was wondering... why would you want to "distance learners"? Wouldn't it be wiser to keep them close by? ;) Also, the link to your library doesn't work. --Jimmy

Stopping spam

Spammers are a pain, and drain some of the energy that could be used to create/edit pages. At this was becoming a real and daily nuisance, but it has stopped after I installed the SpamBlacklist extension about a week ago. Highly recommended! --MagnusEnger 05:07, 6 January 2006 (EST)

Course requirement

As per my course requirement, we have to create a "wiki" as a part of our class in MLIS. I will delete the contents as soon I save the screen shot. Thanks,Tamil Librarian