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Cyprus - A Wonderful Destination For Spa Holidays

Whilst many people enjoy spa holidays all over the world, some fail to consider Cyprus as a destination for spa resorts. This is a real shame, as Cyprus contains some stunning resorts, including some award-winning spas that can rival any in the world. With the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, some stunning beaches and majestic mountains, Cyprus really is a world class spa destination.

As well as having a vast choice for your spa resort in Cyprus, there is so much else to see and do which makes this island the perfect holiday location. Whether you want to play golf at some of the most stunning clubs in the world or relax by the pool, drink cocktails on the beach or embark on a challenging scuba diving experience, this little gem really does have it all.

Luxury comes as standard with spa holidays in Cyprus

With all of the attention to detail that you would expect, the accommodation in spa resorts in Cyprus is second to none. Luxurious suites are available at your disposal with every creature comfort that you could hope for, including Egyptian cotton bedding, fully stocked mini bars and gorgeous toiletries. When you do decide to leave your accommodation to venture further to explore your spa, you can expect to find all the detoxifying and anti ageing treatments you could ever need, as well as more energetic pursuits such as exercise classes or, if you prefer, outdoor activities such as tennis.

The ultimate aim for a spa holiday is relaxation

On a spa resort in Cyprus, relaxation is easy. The Cypriot way of life is gentle and unhurried and this is reflected in the ethos of the spa resorts which grace the island. Every day will be a balance of tranquillity and rejuvenation from start to finish and you will really feel invigorated and cleansed at the end of your stay, ready to face your everyday life with renewed energy.

For the very best in spa holidays it really is time to give Cyprus a try. With its delicious Mediterranean cuisine incorporating some of the best and healthiest dishes you could ever wish to eat, Cypriot food is delicious both in its simplicity and delicacy of flavour. What’s more, the stunning scenery on offer and the genuine welcome you will receive from its friendly and hospitable people makes Cyprus a holiday destination that is very difficult to beat.

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