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Tanzania Library Services Board is an Institution empowered by law to establish run and provide public library services in the country. An act of the Government of Tanzania laws passed by members of the Parliament and approved by the president of the United Republic of Tanzania in 1972.

TLSB is also empowered with responsibilities of consultance services to primary schools library management services. It runs a school of library science at a certificate and diploma level.

It gives consultance to Ministerial Libraries, Resource centers, various NGO/CBO Libraries country wide .

Regional Libraries

Tanzania Library services Board has Regional Libraries in every region except Singida whose plan for its establishment is still underway.These regional libraries are well centered in the main cities of the respective regions. Primary and Secondary schools in those respective regions do not have libraries of their own or if they happen to have, they don't have enough not even relevant books to sweet students study programs. As a result of this, public libraries are the only alternative available around them.This makes therefore, public libraries in the regions to have greater percentage of primary and secondary school users who surpass the number of the general public in its real sense. To see an example of one of the regional libraries visit:Media:Morogoro regional library

District Libraries

Tanzania has More than -- districts. TLSB has 33 district libraries country wide. There are Districts which have not so far benefited from public library services as a result they are forced to register themselves in the regions. This makes it difficult for them especially the Open University students who scattered throughout the country.

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