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You butchered this page!

You stripped it of all useful delineation between library services in favor of making TextALibrarian look more popular than it actually is!

Gone are these sections (intact before your edit): 4.3 Libraries Using IM Reference 4.4 Libraries Using MeeboMe for Embedded Chat 4.5 Libraries Using Chatango for Embedded Chat 4.6 Libraries Using Plugoo for Embedded Chat 4.7 Libraries Using libraryh3lp for Embedded Chat 4.8 Libraries Using Mosio's Text a Librarian for SMS Reference

Oh, and i checked- most of the links you rearranged are now misrepresented (indicating a different IM service than is actually in place at the library), and the 85% of the links from the revision before yours are accurate and do still work.

Why? I was linking this page to the librarians here to show them examples of LIBRARYH3LP in action.

You gutted everything useful here. Be it unprofessional, I'm kind-of pissed.

I apologize if I upset you by editing the page. I didn't find it necessary to keep two separate pages to update since libraries are frequently changing from meebo to plugoo to libraryh3lp. No one had updated that section in over a year, whereas I have been trying to keep the individual library links up-to-date. Feel free to keep it if you are going to update it. Bryan 17:14, 23 March 2010 (EDT)