The Almighty Dollar

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Salary Negotiation

Asking for a Raise

Getting Paid for Speaking

  • Question - How do I figure out how much I should ask to be paid for an hour talk? A halfday talk? A full-day workshop?

It's really o.k. to ask around about the going rate. You are probably undercharging. While we all know libraries are on tight budgets, many libraries and consortia can afford a few hundred dollars plus travel.

Note also if you consistently low-ball your presentation fees, it's hard on everyone else.

Also factor in travel costs; whether you're taking vacation to do the gig (that's lost pay); is it for buddies in the area; other costs you have to pick up; and whether you can do this on your library's time.

Then there's the question of benefit to you. What's it worth to you to give this talk?

  • Question - When someone says "small honorarium" and asks you to pick a number, what's the usual range?

$200. Unless it's a local gig, for a sister library or a neighboring system where you feel like family, in which case a freebie might be in order. Locally, the pro bono rate is a hug and a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Getting Paid for Writing