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Obtaining a work or tourist visa, Qatar

If you're thinking of taking a holiday in Qatar, you'll need to obtain the necessary tourist visa; Qatar has its own individual rules when it comes to visiting regulations, just like any other country in the world – and if you're looking to stay there on a more permanent basis, then you may need to apply for a work visa; Qatar law allow you to enter the country prior to securing one of these, but you will need to satisfy various criteria.

Rules for a tourist visa, Qatar When entering this Middle Eastern country purely for pleasure, then you'll need to check if you’re one of the nationalities that require a tourist visa. Qatar laws don't require every nationality to secure a tourist visa in order to visit, but just like you would with any other destination, it's important to check in plenty of time before you intend to travel. If you're heading to Qatar from one of the GCC states, you won't need to acquire a tourist Visa - Qatar also offers tourist visa exemptions to UK nationals too.

If you're required to obtain a tourist visa for Qatar, for example, if you're an American national, then you can either apply via your local Qatar Embassy or buy your visa upon arrival. Obviously, you’ll need to provide a valid, original passport -but you also need to supply some additional paperwork as well.

Upon application for your tourist visa, Qatar law stipulates that you must have a minimum of three months left on your passport from your day of departure, and you'll also need to provide two passport size photographs along with copies of your plane tickets, hotel booking and an up-to-date bank statement. If you can't provide evidence of a hotel booking because you're visiting friends or family, then they will need to supply a formal letter of invitation which must include their full contact, passport and resident permit details, together with an outline of the purpose and duration of your proposed visit - and this should be accompanied by the date and their signature. Organising your work visa - Qatar regulations Although you may need to acquire a work visa, Qatar regulations mean that you don't need to organise this prior to departure. While its most definitely a legal requirement that must be adhered to, you're not actually personally responsible for organising your work visa; Qatar law dictates that your employer or business sponsor holds the responsibility for organising this kind of visa. When you first travel to Qatar you'll go on a single entry visa and then your sponsor will take the necessary steps to organise your work visa for you.

Many of the same rules for obtaining a tourist visa apply to your work visa; Qatar regulations require you to meet some additional criteria if you're moving there for employment or to start a business, however. You may need to provide supporting evidence from the police in your home country to show that you are of a good and honest standing, and you will also have to undergo a series of different health checks, including a chest x-ray and blood tests - which may also include a check for HIV.

Your sponsor will have to submit an application on official company stationery to the Ministry of Interior in order to start the application process for your work visa. Qatar law also stipulates that you'll need to apply for an official ID card and a resident’s permit. Once the necessary work visa has been issued, you'll be able to move your family to Qatar as dependents.

Whether you need to apply for a work permit or a tourist visa, Qatar laws are subject to change just the same as legislation in any other country, so you must ensure you check first, especially if you're planning on staying long term on a work visa. Qatar is a fabulous country with many opportunities, so get this right and you can enjoy it for as long or as brief a stay as you wish! If you would like to know more about tourist visa Qatar and work visa Qatar,Please visit us.