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www.librarylaw.com - See Policymaking and Libraries  
[www.librarylaw.com] - See Policymaking and Libraries  
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Stories/Policies from Other Libraries:
Stories/Policies from Other Libraries:
http://www.lib.chattanooga.gov/librarycards.html - Chattanooga Hamilton County Policy
[www.lib.chattanooga.gov/librarycards.html] - Chattanooga Hamilton County Policy
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== Sites to Watch ==
Sites to Watch ==

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Library Cards for People in Transitional Housing

This page is new and under development.

Legal Issues to be Considered, State and Federal Laws and Regulations:

[www.librarylaw.com] - See Policymaking and Libraries

Risk Factors:

Elements that Should be Addressed in the Policy:

Tips/Models for Policies on Cards for People in Transitional Housing"

Articles/LinkS to Check Out:

http://www.hhptf.org/resources - Hunger, Homelessness, Poverty Task Force, ALA SRRT see the section on Library Services for Poor People. The entire site is worth reading.

Stories/Policies from Other Libraries: [www.lib.chattanooga.gov/librarycards.html] - Chattanooga Hamilton County Policy

Where to Go for Professional Help:

Sites to Watch