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Success Stories

  • EPICis the national e-licensing initiative in New Zealand that makes available a package of electronic resources to all New Zealanders through the consortium member libraries. 190+ New Zealand libraries have committed to EPIC to date, and the Ministry of Education has funded access for all New Zealand schools until March 2007. As a result of this significant level of collaboration EPIC has provided unprecedented access to electronic resources for New Zealanders.
  • PictureAustralia
  • Information Australia was a pilot project established by the National Library of Australia. It involved the National Library working with five public libraries from around Australia. The project ran from October 2003 to June 2005. InformationAustralia was a web-based portal aimed at increasing access to resources held in Australian libraries and cultural institutions. The pilot project provided valuable information for the development of the new Libraries Australia service. Several conference papers explain the project:

Tips on Developing Collaborative Relationships With Faculty Members/Teachers

Tips on Developing Collaborative Relationships With Other Organizations

I work at a K-3 school library and I love working with the public library on different things. The public library held two luncheons this summer to get a nice relationship built between the local schools and themselves. We are now having a youth librarian coming to work with each of the grades on specific units that they are doing in the classroom. We also have planned a walking trip with another class to go visit the library. And another project we are collaborating on is an author visit to go to each of the schools throughout the week, and then on the last day have an evening program at the public library to get the whole community involved.

Tips on Developing Collaborative Relationships With Other Schools

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Bringing Health Information to the Community This blog gathers together health information of value to community based organizations working toward the elimination of health disparities for people of color as well as for people living in inner cities. Categories include Minority Health Concerns, Websites, Scholarships and Grants, Public Library, Rural Health, Public Health, Articles, Environmental Health, Conferences and more. The National Network of Libraries of Medicine - MidContinetal Region sponsors this blog, and the main writer is Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Community Outreach Liaison.

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

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