Services for the Imprisoned

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Success Stories

Tips for Providing Quality Services to those in Prison

Preparing for a Career as a Prison Librarian


Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

Greenway, Sandra. (2007). Library services behind bars. Bookmobile and Outreach Services, 10(2), 43-64. This article is full of great statistics and a huge list of references. If you are writing a grant to provide prison services, this would be a good starting point.

Lehmann, V. (2003). Planning and implementing prison libraries: strategies and resources. IFLA Journal, 29(4), 301-7. For an international perspective on prison services in libraries, check out this article and its extensive list of works cited.

Lehmann, V. (2000). Prison librarians needed: a challenging career for those with the right professional and human skills. IFLA Journal, 26(2), 123-8. If you are considering a career as a prison librarian, this article gives advice about personality traits, coursework, dealing with prison staff and more.

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