Services for Older Adults

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[edit] Success Stories

Tips for Providing Quality Services for Older Adults

[edit] Publications

  • Americans for Libraries Council (2006) Designs for change : libraries and productive aging : report on the National Library Leaders Forum
  • S.Fox & M. Madden (2006). Generations Online. Washington, DC: Pew Internet and American Life Project.
  • R. Honnold and S.A. Mesaros (2004) Serving Seniors: a How To Do It Manual for Librarians Take a look for a collection of services and programs for older adults provided by libraries across the US and Canada.
  • M. Joseph (2006) Active, engaged, valued: Older People and NSW Public Libraries trends, current research, stakeholders and recommendations to support strategic planning within the NSW public library network[Australia]
  • B.T. Mates (2003) 5-star programming and services for your 55+ library customers
  • Serving Seniors: A Resource Manual for Missouri Libraries

[edit] Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • Services to Older Adults from WebJunction.
  • Senior Friendly Libraries: Resources and discussion about library services to older adults "The purpose of this blog is to provide resources for librarians including: research on aging as it influences library services, library research on "older adults", incorporating Library 2.0 features for "older adults", and examples of successful "older adult" library services and programs. In addition, I hope to make librarians aware of the need to market services to older adults in their community"
  • Senior Spaces
  • Active, engaged, valued: older people and public libraries "Exploring the impact of the ‘age wave’ on library services, programming, marketing, and facilities."

[edit] Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

  • Hangouts Feed Souls of Lonely About places seniors frequent and how the library can be included.

[edit] Library 2.0 Services to Older Adults - Best Practices

  • Technology training for the older population