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This is a new section (Jan, 2007). Feel free to add whatever content and links may be of use to anyone studying in the field of Library & Information Technology, whether towards a Masters of Library Science or a certificate program. --C.B.

Library blogs, journals & forums of particular interest to students

  • Library Lovers' LiveJournal - a well used forum with lively conversation and many topics of relevance for students.
  • Library Student Journal - an open submission, peer-reviewed student publication of the University at Buffalo Department of Library and Information Studies.
  • Librarian Wannabes - questions and concerns about papers and projects, ideas and thoughts . . . sign up at Yahoo!Groups.

Important Books & Resources

Study Aids

  • FlashcardExchange - at the moment there is only a small set of cards for studying MARC. But this site has the potential to develop into a tremendous study aid with just a few more contributions.

Library Job Futures

Changing technologies & the issue of library obsolescence

Many predictions regarding the future of Library & Information Technology cite rapid technological advancement as having serious impact on job trends in this field. Some see these changes as primarily negative, claiming "technological changes will likely cause job losses in libraries/reference centres" (see Service Canada). Others agree that "the internet is changing the way knowledge is circulated," but they see a positive side to this phenomenon. "Since the mass of data contained on the internet is poorly organized," they say, "the creation of access protocols, catalogues and indexes could create new job opportunities for librarians" (see Work Futures B.C.). In either case it is clear that the traditional roles of librarians and information support staff continue to change at a rapid rate. --C.B.