Researching M-Libraries

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As developing M-libraries services is a fairly new idea, researching how effective they are or what users want from them is even newer.

This page is a space to discuss research methods and examples of research into m-library services in order to share practice and support one another in this burgeoning area.

Attached are posters created for a workshop on Researching M-Libraries held at the Second International M-Libraries conference. The posters include outcomes from the workshop, as written by participants.

Research Methods

  • Action research evolves as practice happens; responds to real time and life occurrences
  • Sponsored use programmes offer low cost access to equipment but what of vested interests?
  • Case studies - highly individual. Of limited value beyond the contexts that generate them?
  • Video/audio diaries exploit affordances of the mobile tools but can simply become performances?


  • Involve participants in the design of the research & road-testing
  • Analysis of existing data (e.g. search logs; equipment ownership statistics)
  • Surveys – online/print/voice - must be clearly worded and take account of local language and culture
  • Equipment/user tracking