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  • Three non-fiction Readers' Advisory resources ("Sure bet narrative nonfiction writers", " Narrative nonfiction genre appeal factors" and " Regional Mysteries Bibliography") at the ALA-RUSA Reader's Advisory Committee page.


Young Adult/Teen Booklists

  • Great Wiki, with booklists, at -- Users are welcome to request access to discuss books. It's easy. Help get this wiki skyrocketing with good read suggestions.

Lists of Books

Recommendations by Nancy Pearl (the queen of readers' advisory):

Books by readers' advisory expert Joyce Saricks:

Guides to Genre Fiction

Guides to Nonfiction

New just for YA:

Search Engines for Finding Book Reviews

Librarians' Personal Lists of Best Books

Overlooked Books that People Might Like

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

Wikis for Readers Advisory

Check out this relatively new wiki! JMRL Reads: A Wiki for Sharing Information about Books for Readers of all Ages