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We started a summer book group for girls aged 9-12 called the "Rapunzels" at Greene County Library of Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in the summer of 2008.  We had started a boys group the previous summer (called the "Book Sharks").  Our goal was to provide a venue for girls to read and discuss good books together.  We also wanted to provide an opportunity for a group of girls to make new friends and have a club feel.
Rapunzels was an 8 week program, including 4 book discussions, and 4 activities.  We met during the evening so that kids of working parents would be able to participate.  We felt strongly that some choice for the kids in the books the group would read was important.  To that end we picked a slate of 6 books.  Out of that 6, the two librarian organizers picked the initial book the girls would read for the first meeting which was a book discussion.  To pick that book, we simply asked ourselves the question, "Which book do we most want every girl to get to read this summer?"  During promotion and registration we advertised that book as the starting book to the kids and their parents, but kept the other books a secret to build suspense.  Well, actually we did let some of the parents know what the books were, partly because some of them  wanted to know, and partly to find out if girls had already read the books, but we asked parents to keep it a secret for the girls.  We did also check with two of the girls we knew would be participants early on, knowing that these girls were pretty voracious readers, to make sure we weren't choosing a whole slate of books that they had already read.  We actually found that they had read almost all of them, and so at that point we changed our slate.  We ended up with older books that we felt were really good, but are less frequently read by today's girls.  Drum roll da da da da rum, here are the books we ended up with:
**''The Westing Game'' by Ellen Raskin (starting book)
**''Across Five Aprils'' by Irene Hunt
**''Belle Prater's Boy'' by Ruth White
**''Cricket in Times Square'' by George Selden
**''Tom's Midnight Garden'' by Philippa Pearce
**''The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle'' by Avi
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