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Also known as 2D codes.

Uses in Libraries

  • Half Hollow Hills Community Library uses datamatrix codes on end stacks to lead patrons to subject guides on the web.
  • ACU Library uses mobile tags in library exhibits to link to songs, videos, websites, and realtime searches of our library catalog. It's a good way to incorporate electronic media with physical items and to make the display more engaging.
  • Bath University Library is adding QR codes to catalog records to offer patrons basic info about an item (including location and call number).
  • Biblioteca Rector Gabriel Ferraté. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya uses QR Codes to provide additional information on promotional posters and to provide username and password to users who subscribe to the CLIC Area service (a computer classroom)
  • RMIT Library is using QR codes for a contest it is running.
  • Sacramento Public Library offers a QR code to patrons that will load the library's text message reference service info into the patron's phone. The code can be found on the Text 4 Answers page of the library website and the library's blog. More info at The Civil Librarian.
  • University of Huddersfield Library is using them for linking to text messaging reference service, videos, contact info, and, in the catalog records, providing basic info about items. See Andrew Walsh's presentation, "QR codes, text a librarian, and more..."
  • The San Diego State University Library is using QR Codes in it's library catalog, on staff directory pages and on research guides.

More Info on QR Codes

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