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The ALA LAMA Swap & Shop Committee annually recognizes the best public relations and marketing materials in libraries through the Best of Show competition, judged by a panel of experts from inside and outside the library field. You can view examples of 2007 Best of Show winners in Flickr [1]. More information on the Best of Show competition and Swap & Shop is available here [2].

Library Hacks

One way to promote your library’s resources and services is to share library hacks, or quick and easy tips and tricks for end users. Showing what you can do with library resources and how they can solve patrons’ problems is a great way to illustrate the value of library resources. People are sharing life and other hacks all over the Web at sites like LifeHacker, why not share some library-related hacks that we all can use?

Examples of library hacks include (please add to this list!):

  • Library Hacks, by Duke University Libraries is a fantastic blog inspired by LifeHacker. It “is a place to find out about tools, resources, services, and ideas that can help make the library more efficient for you. It’s written mostly by librarians, but we’ll also have occasional student and faculty guest bloggers.”
  • Library Hacks: (Almost) Any Book in the World for Free in Five Easy Steps from Working for Rachel
  • 10 Ways to Hack Your Local Library by Gather No Dust
  • 13 Book Hacks for the Library Crowd by LifeHacker
  • Trouble picking the perfect present from OhioLINK's What's New blog -- explains how to find consumer reports in EBSCOhost.