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= Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out =
= Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out =
*[http://www.walkingpaper.org/index.php?id=208 HOWTO Get Kids in the Library]
*[http://walkingpaper.org/267 another successful DDR night]
[[Category:Programming]][[Category:Services to Specific Groups]]
[[Category:Programming]][[Category:Services to Specific Groups]]

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Success Stories

Teen, Reference and IT teamed up for a Science Fair Strategies presentation highlighting how to choose a topic, how to begin your research, and how to use the catalog & online databases, why Google isn't the best place to start, and also covered using the ILL catalog for additional items. This was also our first official podcast! Science Fair Strategies

Great Ideas for Young Adult Programming

  • Programming for Tomorrow's World
    • A powerpoint presentation highlighting cutting edge program for teens that incorporate use of technology for traditional library activities such as book discussion, summer reading programs, and author visits, as well as non-traditional programs such as video game tournaments and cell phone reference.

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Stop by See YA Around: Library Programming for Teens at [1]
[2] (recommended reading for teens)
[3] (ideas & resources for celebrating Teen Read Week)
[4] (tips & resources for starting a Teen Advisory Group)

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out