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(Approaches at Different Institutions)
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== Approaches at Different Institutions ==
== Approaches at Different Institutions ==
'''Ohio University'''
The MP3 Audio Tour allows students to take a walking tour of the library on their own schedule.  Students download these MP3 files onto their player and then walk around the library, like a museum tour, learning about places and services.  We offered this to the college / major-based Learning Communities because their "common syllabus" is very open, and each instructor  creates their own library-related assignment.  This offers, at the very least, the common experience of walking the library. 
These tours are available in the voice of a librarian as well as several languages (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)  The downside is you must keep them up-to-date, even if the original tour guide has graduated!

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Pre-professional / Discipline-linked Seminar Course Description:

"Designed to prepare students for the demands of the major/discipline and the profession. Generally taught within professional schools or specific disciplines."

Approaches at Different Institutions