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* Pennvibes: example [http://ganymede.library.upenn.edu/cocoon/pennvibes/html/dlf2007.html
* Pennvibes: example [http://ganymede.library.upenn.edu/cocoon/pennvibes/html/dlf2007.html]
* ...
* ...

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The use of web-based personal start-page tools in user education, training and instructional activities.

  • Central Medical Library (CMB) of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).This is part of a research we are conducting. With our own Netvibes Universe ([1]) we also want to develop and offer tailor-made library services and a Library Toolbox where users can choose usefull search tools, rss-feeds, widgets etc. (more info will follow on our blog [2]. Please read this comparison to know more: [3]

The tools


  • Pennvibes: example [8]
  • ...