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*[http://www.oss4lib.org/ OSS4Lib]
*[http://www.oss4lib.org/ OSS4Lib]
*[http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk OSS Watch] Open Source Software Advisory Service in the UK
*[http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk OSS Watch] Open Source Software Advisory Service in the UK
*[http://www.vuw.ac.nz/staff/brenda_chawner/biblio.html Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography]
= Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check out =
= Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check out =

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Success Stories

Great Free/Open Source Tools for Libraries

  • ht://Dig -- Free (GPL) search engine software. Spider and search your website(s). Configurable and extendable search algorithms, templates, file types, etc. Live implementation: J. Murrey Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte
  • Audacity -- Free (GPL) audio recording and editing software. Oral history and audio reserves projects; Audacity provides features normally only found in pro commercial audio software. Effects filters remove static, hiss, hum, or other constant background noises from your analog recordings.
  • VLC -- Free (GPL) cross-platform media player/streamer with support for a large number of formats and more.
  • Koha Open Source ILS -- Full-featured Library Automation System, including OPAC, Circulation, Acquisitions, and Reporting/Administrative modules. MARC21 and UNIMARC are supported. Advanced search capabilities, integrated Z39.50 server and client, and self-checkout. Commercial Installation and Support available in the U.S. : LibLime. Currently suitable for mid-sized library systems. (2005-06)
  • Open Journals System OJS assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing.
  • Prospero An Open Source Internet Document Delivery (IDD) System (The Ohio State University).
  • LORLS Open Source 'Online Reading List' system. (University of Loughborough).
  • An Open Source PC Reservation System which includes both a Linux server and GPL'd Windows PC Reservation Client Software commercial installation and support available from Userful

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check out