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Newbie Librarian unConference

Friday, June 13, 2008

If you're new to the library profession in the last five years, if you'll be graduating and getting into the profession soon, and if you have an interest in discussing your issues, needs, goals, and work with other new professionals, then please join us for the Newbie UnConference.

Kindly hosted by the Southfield Public Library and organized by Christine Ayar (Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library) and Elizabeth Bollinger (Michigan State University), this event seeks to bring librarians together for discussion and the exchange of ideas.

The schedule is as follows:
9:30-10:00 – Check In
10:00-10:30 - Session Development and Goals of unConference
10:30-11:30 - Sessions
11:30-1:00 - Lunch on your own
1:00-1:30 – Reassessment of Schedule, Sessions and Goals of unConference
1:30-2:30 – Sessions
2:30-3:30 - Panel Discussion - New Librarians, New Trends, and the Future of the Profession
3:30-4:00 – Share, Discuss, Synthesize, Say Goodbye

Morning Sessions:
Here is a rough description of what is happening this morning - Christine is typing from memory, so it might not be super accurate.

Southfield Room - Managing Up and Creative Fundraising
Conference Room - Trends in Librarianship
Auditorium - Technology Trends
Please Note - Start Lunch at 11:40ish please, not 11:30.

Afternoon sessions to be determined after lunch.

Panel Members Include:
David Carter (Engineering Librarian; Art, Architecture and Engineering Library; University of Michigan) (Dave's new video game blog: Eaten by a Grue)
Holly Hibner (Adult Reference Librarian, Salem-South Lyon District Library and 2007 Recipient of the Loleta D. Fyan Award for imaginative, creative service)
Kelly Ireland (Outreach Librarian, Southfield Public Library)

MP3 audio of panel (80MB)

Required Items to Bring: ideas, questions, comments, concerns, and your sweet, charming self (yes, we're talking to you)
Other Things You Might Want To Bring: laptop, resume, business cards, your world famous brownies or cookies (no not really, it's okay)

Southfield Public Library is located at
26300 Evergreen Rd
Southfield, MI 48076
Ph: 1 248-796-4200

I plan or hope to attend!

To sign up, please create a wiki log-in and in the "edit" mode, add your name!
Susan Cain, recent graduate from SI at UM
Joshua Barton, MSU Libraries
Karl Ericson, MLIS, Lansing Community College Library
Richelle Pelton, MLIS WSU
Maureen Callahan, recent graduate from SI at UM
Elizabeth J. Bollinger, MSU Libraries
Christine Ayar
Don Depoorter, MSU Libraries
Tara L.S. Fritzler, Arab American National Museum
Liz Conger, LISP Student at WSU and Library Intern
Sarah Stopera, LISP Student @ WSU
Jessica Walker, MLIS, WSU
Anne Johns, LISP Student, WSU
James Stuart, LISP Student at WSU,
Holly Hibner, Reference Librarian, Salem-South Lyon District Library
Mary Kelly, Reference Librarian, Salem-South Lyon District Library
Joseph Wagner, LISP student @ WSU
Kelly Ireland, Outreach Librarian at the Southfield Public Library
Richard Patrick Sanders, MLS, WSU
Lindsay Payne, LISP Student at WSU and Library Aide
Beth M. Johns, MLIS, Electronic Resources & Reference Librarian, Zahnow Library, Saginaw Valley State University
Karen S. Walker, SOIS transfer student from WSU to UWM-Milwaukee Distance Ed. Program and Director of the Alanson Area Public Library
Katie Greer, Reference Librarian, Ave Maria School of Law
Kim Lott, LISP Student, WSU
Lauren Henderson, Technology Center Librarian at Troy Public Library
Ron Padot, LISP Student @ WSU, Library Tech. at VA Medical Center, Detroit
Dawn King, April 08 UM grad, MLS.
Vanessa Peters, Teen Services Librarian, Wixom Public Library
Linda Przybylowicz, WSU
Buzzy Nielsen, recent MPP/MSI from UM
Angie Oehrli, MSI Candidate, SI/UM
Rachel Pultusker, MSI Candidate, SI/UM
Heather Harrison, MLIS student, WSU
Raya Samet, MSI student @UofM, Youth PLA @Ann Arbor District Library
Jocelyn Baldwin, Teen Service's Librarian, Caroline Kennedy Library, Dearborn Heights, MI
Laura Taylor, MLIS, Macomb Community College
John M Lindenmuth, MLIS w/Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration, WSU, 2007 [1]
Kathy Rogers JD MLIS
Alexis Zirpoli, UM/SI student in LIS
David DeKorte, Reference/Research Librarian, University of Houston Law Center
Dana Thomson, Reference Librarian, Bloomfield Township Public Library
Judy Franklin, Teen Librarian, Troy Public Library
Lesley Brown, Michigan State University Libraries
Erin Gong, recent MSI from SI at UM
John Robertson, Technology Center Librarian, Troy Public Library

I wish I could be there!

Dominique Lowell, WSU LISP student

Session Ideas

blogs on Newbie UnConference


(syn-ergo, συνεργός meaning working together, circa 1660) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents.

Anecdote: Public Librarian calls University Library for reference question that required the pulling of a book for verification of a quote. The U Librarian refused.

ALA RUSA guidelines for reference behavior

Monitored Referral: following up on a user’s information needs across departments and even across institutions

Helping across departments.

Systems and Services working together.

  • Sharing the knowledge
  • Demystifying technology:
  • Informal knowledge sharing
    • take a co-worker to lunch
    • job shadowing
  • Formalized
    • training sessions
    • socialization, food

Seeing the library as holistic organism

  • Drop the "titles and job descriptions"/but exploit the “talent-pool” to the benefit of all.
  • Working with union or bureaucracy, understand the challenges
  • Continuing education tied to CEC, Accreditation?

Management Vehicles

  • Demonstrated Behavior from Management
  • Create opportunities for synergy to happen
  • Remembering to give kudos for those who extend the behavior we want
  • External incentives until internal motivation takes over
  • Think global but act local
  • Exhibit acceptance of employees being creative beyond their dept.
  • Commit to continuing education

Not everyone inherently understands and exhibits good customer service behavior or is comfortable working outside the box, compassionately encourage and instruct.

Customer Service Skills

  • Overcome “not my job”: what is at the heart of this Overcoming the pigeonholes of our experience and education
  • Service during the rush: Triage
  • Beyond policy: “The trend of one”
  • Projecting the right persona
  • Multitasking effectively

My favorite blogs, wikis, webpages or other resources

‎Links for information about unConferences: