Mobile School Health Information Initiative (MoSHI)

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The Mobile School Health Information Initiatve (MoSHI) was funded by the MidContinental Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine from February 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011. Led by staff at the Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine, MoSHI was an outreach program to connect K-12 librarians in the St. Louis metropolitan area with credible health information.


The goals of the funded project were to

  • Promote ideas on how credible health information on the web can foster interdisciplinary curriculum collaboration between teachers and the school library.
  • Gain experience using health information resources on the web to better serve student, administrator and parent needs, while giving them tools to improve their health literacy.

Background & Context

In early 2009, a school librarian in the Mini-Medical School event at Washington University suggested Becker Library should package information about credible health information resources for K-12 teachers.

Becker Library is fortunate to have a former school librarian on staff, through an arrangement with the Family Resource Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital.