Mixing RSS Feeds

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Mixing RSS Feeds

You can mix several feeds together to create a completely new one!

Tools to Mix RSS Feeds

  • Google Reader -- Though its primary purpose is to allow you to view all your RSS subscriptions in one place, you can also use Reader combine feeds by (1) putting the desired subscriptions into a single folder, (2) going to "Settings" and choosing the "Folders & Tags" tab, and (3) clicking "view public page" and copying the feed's URL (under "Atom Feed").
  • KickRSS
  • RSS Mix
  • Feed Blendr
  • Pipes (aggregate, manipulate, and mashup RSS feeds)

Example 1: Marathon County Public Library (MCPL) | All Updates
Example 2: A Few Librarians
Example 3: Meredith and Paul's Blogs
Example 4: U.S. News

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