Meeting Minutes Availability

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  • One area of focus for this project was to find a way to make meeting minutes more available to staff. We have about 20 locations and around 350 staff members. We also have many standing committees as well as specialized task forces, etc. that do a lot of the leg work that eventually impacts all front line staff. If staff read the meeting minutes, they would understand where the decisions were coming from, and they would also be able to provide input before the decisions were implemented.
  • Currently, each agency (maybe) receives meeting minutes via inter-office mail. Someone then inserts the minutes into a notebook. It is everyone's responsibility to find that notebook and read the minutes that are available. This is a system with many opportunities to fail.
  • The proposed setup would utilize our Exchange Server and our Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access. These versions of Outlook have the option of including a public folder.
  • All meeting minutes would be entered into this folder and would be arranged exactly like your e-mail items.
  • If the subject of these items included the name of the committee and the date, then staff could arrange the items by subject in order to find meeting minutes by committee.
  • Also, staff could utilize the Find feature in Outlook to search all minutes for specific topics. This is a vital piece as the feasibility of all staff reading all minutes is opportunistic at best. However, if staff could search the minutes, this would allow staff to look for minutes that relate to their specific need at that specific time.
  • If you did not have the Outlook, Exchange Server setup, you could use a blog to post meeting minutes.