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Tips for Job Seekers

  • Start a blog! If even if you aren't yet working as a librarian, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd by starting a professional blog.
  • Create a job portfolio. Include a statement of professional goals, objectives and values. Having something that will remind you what you think is important will do at least three things: 1) It will help you assess whether an institution is the right fit for you, 2) It will give an institution an idea of what motivates you personally, 3) It shows you know how to make a long-term plan which is a life skill that translates quite well to the professional world.
  • Each job application you submit should be customized to that position description. Therefore, don't include statements of professional goals, objectives and values. Such content makes it seems like you submitted a generic resume!
  • Have someone who has been a member of a library search committee proofread your resume and cover letter. You will get a much better appraisal of your materials by someone who has seen good ones and really bad ones.
  • Better yet, get a mentor who has been a member of a library search committee to give you good advice on all aspects of the job search process. I had one, and his help was immeasurable.