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Integrated Library Systems (ILS) are the systems that support library functions like cataloging, circulation, the OPAC or catalog, and management of acquisitions. Find a description of what an ILS is at the Wikipedia entry for "Integrated Library System".

Success Stories

Tell us about your successes with your ILS, ILS migration, etc.

Tips for selecting an ILS

Tips for writing a Request For Proposal (RFP) for an ILS at the Southwest Michigan Library Cooperative (opens as a PDF)

ILS Options

Open source


Companies that offer library system products in the U.S.:

Auto-Graphics, Inc. Biblionix Book Systems, Inc. COMPanion Cyber Tools for Libraries EOS


View a history of library automation at the Library Technology Guides website. See which systems have been bought out or retired.

Blogs/Websites to watch

Specific Blogs Posts/Articles to Check Out