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Library Success was created by Meredith Farkas to be a collaborative space for librarians to share success stories and inspire each other to do great things in our own libraries. For more on why I created it, see this post. To see who else works on this wiki, check out the Wiki User List.

Library Promotionals - Ad-Arts for Advocacy [1]

The perspective of this Library Promotion resource website is: Every library needs to bear out its relevance to the society by showing up the benefits it offers. Library Advocates play a critical role. They educate the local people why libraries are indispensable in an information society. Besides the Friends of Library, a Library Advocate can be anyone who cares for the library and helps persuading decision- makers / legislators to supporting library's cause. For that, a library requires going for a planned, deliberate, sustained effort, in other words, a full-blown Library Advocacy program. For its success, the Library largely depends on the efficacy of its Promotional Strategies and Techniques based on Market Research, as well as the intelligence and creativity that go into the making of quality Promotional Products for libraries. --Asok 07:29, 19 August 2008 (EDT)

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