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Success Stories

NOTICE: Librarians, here is the purple handout from the ILA session: How are We Working Together to Prepare K-12 Students for college and beyond. Take a look at my position statement; I would love to hear what you think.

Use this multimedia presentation for your literacy skills teaching. If you need more information, contact C.VanHook: Remember to emphasize the steps to successful research and project development as you travel through the road trip.

The Essential K-12 Teacher Librarian Handouts for the ILA Conference:

ILA Panel Discussion Presentation

--- Vanhook 18:19, 12 October 2006 (EDT)Carol VanHook

The teacher librarian promotes:Letter to staff for collaborative training[1]

The teacher librarian publicizes: (1)Library Brochure--[2] and (2)the sample big bookmark of passwords for accessing 24/7 online databases [3]

The teacher librarian protects the learning environment: Bookmark to parents for online safety [4]

The teacher librarian prepares the students with life skills for the 21st century: (1) Validating websites [5], (2)Using online research databases [6], and using Noodle Tools as a citation maker/ note taker / Works Cited List creator [7]

Please join my "booktalking with you" wiki and share a good book with the young adults in America! The password is booktalk. The wiki is at [8]

Hi, I'm part of a group of media specialists in a Minnesota school district looking for great sources on best practices. We are searchiing internet and publishers' offerings. If you have suggestions for books or articles that we absolutely should not miss, please e-mail me at Maybe this is an inappropriate use of a wiki. Haven't tried creating a wiki yet but will be bringing it up at our next district tech meeting. Very interested in setting up a high school forum.

Hi back from Iowa. I am a media specialist in an Iowa school district looking for a way that teens, young adults, and adults can share great books together. Check this new wiki out: Better yet, Minnesota and the rest of the world, add your two cents worth at the wiki. The password is booktalk. Please share where you are from at the Optional login. We need to get the ball rolling with good book ideas. If you wish to improve on the wiki, that is fine, too. My address is: