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Are you a librarian? Are you interested in chatting and collaborating with other librarians? Do you have an IM handle? If so, feel free to add it to this list!

  • Michael Casey, LibraryCrunch, AIM: librarycrunch
  • Laura Crossett, Meeteetse Branch Library (WY), AIM: theblackmolly
  • Meredith Farkas, Norwich University (VT), AIM and MSN: librarianmer
  • Paul Miller, Talis, (UK) AIM and iChat (with audio and video):talis_paul[at], MSN and GTalk: paul.miller71[at]
  • Lauren Pressley, lauren's library blog, (NC) AIM: laurenpressley, iChat: lmpressl, Yahoo: laurenmpressley
  • Aaron Schmidt, AIM: XXagentcooperXX
  • Greg Schwartz, Open Stacks, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN: planetneutral
  • Rachel Singer Gordon,, AIM: rachelsgordon, Yahoo!: lib_rachel
  • Michael Stephens,, (IN) AIM: mstephens7mac
  • Jessamyn West, AIM: iamthebestartist Yahoo/MSN: jessamyn_west gtalk: jessamyn[at]
  • marcus roesner, VR librarian @ LibraryCo Inc. Ontario, Canada., AIM: inetliber MSN: Yahoo: inetlib gtalk: ICQ 9971915 (MSN:
  • Gina Persichini, Idaho State Library, AIM and Yahoo!: GinaISL
  • Alec Sonsteby, Librarians at the Gate, AIM: AlecSonsteby
  • Barb Wright, Weld Library District, CO, Yahoo/MSN: barbeenie
  • Elena Prigoda, University of Toronto Libraries. Ontario, Canada AIM: elenaATgerstein MSN: elena.prigoda [at] Yahoo: eprigoda, Google Talk: elena.prigoda [at]
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson,, AIM/Skype: torontolibrarian, MSN: amanda[at], yahoo!: etches_johnson