Keeping Up With the Profession

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**See also Staff Training and Online Training Resources for Librarians

Tips for Keeping Up

  • Make your first stop for "keeping up" Steven Bell's Keeping Up Web Site found at: This site lists more than a hundred different sources for developing a well-rounded keeping up regimen that includes e-newsletters, web page change detection services, good web sites to monitor (using WPCD services), and of course, some blogs. The philosophy of this site is that to really keep up with librarianship you need to go outside the boundaries of traditional librarianship, which means keeping up with internet search, information technology, teaching and learning, and (for academic librarians) higher education. For additional keeping up strategies take a look at this article published in College & Research Libraries News (July/Aug 2000) titled "To keep up, go beyond: Developing a personal professional development plan using e-resources outside the bounds of library literature"
  • Subscribe to Current Cites, a monthly current awareness newsletter on information technology. A team of volunteers writes one-paragraph annotations on the best of current literature, web sites, etc.
  • Subscribe to Erik Arfeuille's New Technologies in Libraries weekly (usually) citation alert service. He's working on an automated signup process, but for now you must email him manually at and ask to be added to his distribution list. Each week(ish) you'll receive an email with citations and abstracts handpicked by Erik that discuss that week's latest tech-related articles. These are international in scope, which is a nice change.

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Discussion Lists for Librarians

Finding Them

Open Lists (Membership Not Required)

  • GOVDOC-L: Discussion of Government Document Issues
  • MEDLIB-L: An Email List for Medical Librarians

Reference Sources for Librarians

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out