Keeping Up With the Profession

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**See also Staff Training and Online Training Resources for Librarians

Tips for Keeping Up

  • Subscribe to Current Cites, a monthly current awareness newsletter on information technology. A team of volunteers writes one-paragraph annotations on the best of current literature, web sites, etc.

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Discussion Lists for Librarians

Finding Them

Open Lists (Membership Not Required)

  • GOVDOC-L: Discussion of Government Document Issues
  • MEDLIB-L: An Email List for Medical Librarians

Reference Sources for Librarians

  • - Website which keeps up-to-date information on programs and activities scheduled to keep libraries loan modification open and operating during the current recession; please add information about advocacy activities for your school, university, special and public libraries, because IF ONE LIBRARY IS IN TROUBLE, ALL LIBRARIES ARE IN TROUBLE. was created and is managed by Lori Reed and Heather Braum. ... Thank you to and for sponsoring

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out