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Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • Administration & Management Resources from the Mid-Hudson Library System.

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  • New Employee Orientation

Most organizations have some means for introducing a new hire into the company, and it's usually in an Orientation class. At Jefferson County Public Library the workforce is pretty stable so it only needs to hire one person at a time every couple of weeks or months. Waiting for enough people to be hired to make a class would take too long, so JCPL developed a solution. It sends new employees, as they are hired, to a set of "instructors" who are staff members, each of whom have a subject to deliver. It's one-on-one in each instructor's office and topics in the following categories are covered:

- Communications,

- Organizational Overview,

- Culture,

- Compensation & Benefits,

- Customer Service philosophy,

- General Personnel Rules they need to be aware of,

- Pertinent Policies.

There's even homework! See the whole program here [1]

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