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Success Stories

  • Libraries Matter - Check out their inspiring success stories and their successful wristband sales program.

Fundraising Tips

  • Check out IN MY BOOK ®, a unique combination of greeting card and bookmark in one. For resale by FOL groups, at booksales, at the library shop or at the circulation desk, these bookmark/cards make a great little fundraiser, and offer a bit of a change from all those tee-shirts, mugs and bookbags! Buy wholesale for $2.00 per card, sell them for $3.95, and enjoy the profits. Please visit : the libraries page and : our gallery of styles.

Here's another nice fundraising idea... Light up roses!

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles/Books to Check Out

  • Public Libraries "Bringing in the Money". Column, Jan. 2005-present (every issue).
  • Gerding, S. (Feb. 2003). Small Library, Big Fundraising: Community Support Is Way Above Par. Computers in Libraries, 23(2), 14.