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Success Stories

  • Libraries Matter - Check out their inspiring success stories and their successful wristband sales program.

Fundraising Tips

  • Check out IN MY BOOK ®, a unique combination of greeting card and bookmark in one. For resale by FOL groups, at booksales, at the library shop or at the circulation desk(Also visit Light up roses for a nice fundraising idea! ), these bookmark/cards make a great little fundraiser, and offer a bit of a change from all those tee-shirts, mugs and bookbags! Buy wholesale for $2.00 per card, sell them for $3.95, and enjoy the profits. Please visit : the libraries page and : our gallery of styles.

Blogs/Websites to Watch

  • Funding by WebJunction
  • Friends of Libraries USA
  • Check in daily for the very latest in library news with LISNews. Come by, read an article, add your comments, write a blog, or submit an article. LISNews needs YOU!
  • Librant Grants BlogVisit the library grants blog to find out about all types of grant opportunities available for your library! Maintained by two librarians, Stephanie Gerding and Pam MacKellar.

Specific Blog Posts/Articles/Books to Check Out

  • Public Libraries "Bringing in the Money". Column, Jan. 2005-present (every issue).
  • Gerding, S. (Feb. 2003). Small Library, Big Fundraising: Community Support Is Way Above Par. Computers in Libraries, 23(2), 14.