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The following information has been compiled from the vendor website and from Jody Fagan's Virtual Reference Software Comparison Spreadsheet (used with permission).


  • Co-browsing: full co-browse functionality with Windows 98 & newer used with Internet Explorer 5.0 & newer or Netscape 4.7 or Mac OS 9 used with Netscape 4.7 & newer. Page-push functionality works with Windows 98 & newer systems used with Mozilla, Firefox, or Netscape 6/7 or Mac OS 9 & newer used with Safari, IE, Netscape, or Firefox.
  • No patron downloads
  • Integrated e-mail
  • Integrated knowlege base functionality
  • Survey capability
  • Session transcripts
  • Customizable patron entry forms
  • File-sharing capability
  • Outsourcing available through Virtual Library Solutions


  • For a large academic library (~15,000 FTE), $1,995 set-up fee; $2,995 annual fee for 5 seats (minimum).
  • On-site training is $1,500 per day (though free online training and videos are also available).

Libraries, Consortia & Others Using This Software

Literature/Case Studies From Institutions

  • Behm, L.M. (2003) "Navigate the Net. One Library’s Experience with Review and Selection of Chat Software for Reference." Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 22(2), 85-92. [link]

User Reviews/Opinions Of This Software

There are no reviews/opinions of the software at this time.

For more information, please visit the vendor site.