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= Success Stories =  
= Success Stories =
[http://www.bcr.org/cdp/exhibits/index.html BCR's CDP Exhibits]
= Best Practice Guides =
= Best Practice Guides =

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Success Stories

BCR's CDP Exhibits

Best Practice Guides

Western States Digital Imaging Best Practices

CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices

Arts and Humanities Data Service Guides to Good Practice - Online books detailing issues with particular data formats (text, images, GIS, Virtual Reality etc.)

Arts and Humanities Data Service Information Papers - Shorter articles dealing with basic themes in digitisation (data capture, metadata, copyright etc.), plus a few other more specialised themes (xml-editors, project management and risk management)

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles to Check Out

  • [1] Local History in E-Books and on the Web : One library's experience as example and model by Don Litzer and Andy Barnett. (from the Spring 2004 Reference and Users Services Quarterly). A peer reviewed article analyzing the value and impact of digitized local historical documents.