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(Tips on Demonstrating Impact)
(Tips on Demonstrating Impact)
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= Tips on Demonstrating Impact =
= Tips on Demonstrating Impact =
WebJunction has totally rockin' demonstrating impact materials that we update annually:
[http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=12377 2006]
[http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=8630 2005]
[http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=1218 2004]
Also check out our section on [http://webjunction.org/do/Navigation?category=405 Funding Strategies] that has a lot of other, more specific articles and contributions from WJ members in this area.
= Blogs/Websites to Watch =
= Blogs/Websites to Watch =

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Success Stories

See my Dialog Quantum case study "Return on Investment" here http://quantum.dialog.com/q2_resources/casestudies/roi.pdf

In late 2001 the BNA Library conducted this ROI study to measure our impact on BNA's bottomline, and our research showed that for every $1.00 spent on the Library, we returned $1.26.

We will be updating the study this summer (2006) and I expect to post the update to the Quantum website in Fall 2006.

Marilyn Bromley Library Director BNA, Inc. mbromley@bna.com

Tips on Demonstrating Impact

Blogs/Websites to Watch

Specific Blog Posts/Articles/Books to Check Out

Dialog Quantum case study on ROI author Marilyn Bromley, Library Director, BNA, Inc. http://quantum.dialog.com/q2_resources/casestudies/roi.pdf