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General Information on Establishing Library Consortia

Establishing a Consortium of Health Libraries (PDF document) - Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA) FACT SHEET

Coalitions of Library Consortia

Consortia Canada

International Coalition of Library Consortia

Examples of Documents from Library Consortia

The following list is based in part on Bernie Sloan's Library Consortia Documents Online, but includes additional and updated links as well as the addition of a few documents on mission/overview and organizational structure. This page was originally compiled to assist AMICAL members in drafting and revising our own governance documents.

Consortial Memoranda of Understanding

Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) - Memorandum of Understanding & Membership Agreement

Copeter - Consortium agreement for library co-operation in St. Petersburg

- MS Word document

  • Co-operative management of electronic document provision in St. Petersburg (Russia).

Delaware Library Catalog - Memorandum of Understanding (.pdf version)

MOBIUS - Memorandum of Understanding

Orbis Cascade Alliance - Memorandum of Understanding

Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) - Memorandum of Understanding

Consortial Bylaws

Bluegrass Medical Libraries Bylaws

Center for Research Libraries (CRL) - Bylaws

Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) - Bylaws

Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) Bylaws or PDF document

Consortium of South Eastern Law Libraries - Articles of Incorporation

Houston Area Research Library Consortium - By-Laws

Iowa Private Academic Library Consortium (IPAL) - By-Laws

Lincoln Trail Library System - Bylaws

Metropolitan Library System (MLS) - By-laws

  • Illinois (formed by merger of Chicago Multitype Library System and the Suburban Library System)

Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) - Bylaws

Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC) (PDF document)

  • OCLC Regional Network for the state of Missouri


  • Missouri academic libraries

Orbis Cascade Alliance Bylaws

Southeastern Wisconsin Information Technology Exchange (SWITCH) Bylaws (Word document)

Suburban Library System (SLS) By-laws

  • No longer in use; SLS now part of MLS (Illinois)

Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium - Bylaws

West Tennessee Academic Library Consortium (WTALC) - Constitution & Bylaws

Western Massachusetts Regional Library System (WMRLS) - Bylaws (PDF document)

Consortial Resource Sharing Agreements & Guidelines

Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) - I-Share Library Resource Sharing Code (PDF document)

RLG Shares Partnership - Annual Signup

  •  ?

TUG Libraries Lending Policy - TriUniversity Group of Libraries (TUG)

Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) - Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

Consortial Missions & Overviews

Consortium of Research Libraries in the British Isles (CURL)

Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) - Mission Statement

MOBIUS - Governance

Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET) - About Us

Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) - Factsheet Consortial Organization

Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) - Organization

Consortial Strategic Plans

Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) - Strategic Directions 2004-2007 [PDF] "11 members of the Big Ten Conference and the University of Chicago"

Consortium of Research Libraries in the British Isles (CURL) - Strategic Plan 2003-2006

Consortium of South Eastern Law Libraries - Strategic Plan

Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) - Strategic Plan

Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) - Strategic Plan (98-01)

Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) - Strategic Plan: Five–Year Library Plan of Service [PDF]

Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET) - Strategic Plan [PDF]