Consequences of Obesity

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When people from other countries think about America, they think fast food, fat people, and cars that can’t take a sharp turn fast. Obesity has become a huge problem in America, from 10 year old children in school to 50 year old adults, no age is left behind from obesity and it is an issue at any age. We need to look at the consequences of obesity and realize these are all unnecessary problems. Rather than talk about problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer that everyone already talks about, I will tell you why obesity is bad for your wallet and how you can end up with varicose veins.

Fast food may seem like a convenience at first; low prices for a ¼ lb burger and you get the food in roughly 10 minutes. That burger surely fills you up and leaves you satisfied. And this feels very light on your wallet but you never realize the costs afterwards related to this fast food. Eating it all the time causes you to become obese. When you want to get rid of the fat, you want to either join the gym or get plastic surgery. The plastic surgery route, I don’t think I have to explain on how it can do damage to your wallet. The working out at the gym will because you have to pay $30 - $60 every month. You think this is okay because “you gotta do what you gotta do” but if you didn’t make eating fast food a habit in the first place, you wouldn’t have a problem. Soon you realize that the $5 burger ends up costing you $10 or quite possibly more.

Obesity can also damage your body in ways you probably didn’t know about because it is not deemed as important. Varicose veins in Minneapolis is a problem that causes veins to be twisted and enlarged. Then these veins start to show up through the skin, usually in the leg, and doesn’t look attractive. Varicose veins occurs because there is a large amount of pressure on legs from being overweight. Sometimes it also occurs from pregnancies or because of genetics, but this still should be a concern for obese people. When people are diagnosed with varicose veins, they have to get varicose vein treatment in Minnesota.

           So as you can see, obesity causes problems that people don’t think about initially. Of course, hear disease, diabetes, and cancer should be very large catalysts to lose weight. But losing money and varicose veins should also make you want to make a change in diet.

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