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Free, statewide efforts for library web sites:

Drupal-based efforts: If a library is in Idaho, they can get a website for free through “e-branch in a box” (info here - http://help.lili.org/). Check out their current sites here - http://help.lili.org/node/137

In Missouri, libraries can apply to participate in a pilot program, Real EZ, to get a website through the state library (nof here - http://www.sos.mo.gov/library/development/realez/requirements.asp)

These projects utilize the Plone CMS - In Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, or Texas, public libraries can get a free website through the Plinkit collaborative in their state. See here for more info - http://www.plinkit.org/ - scroll down to Partner Sites on the left-hand side to find each state’s Plinkit site and contact info.

In Iowa, they have PLOW (Putting Libraries on the Web) that provides websites and e-mail services to public libraries - info here - http://www.statelibraryofiowa.org/ld/plow - that also utilizes Plone.

More Plinkit [1] information What is Plinkit? Plinkit is the web authoring environment that public libraries in partner states use to create smart, new web sites for their patrons. Plinkit stands for "Public Library Interface Kit." It's also a fun word to say. Plinkit is built using Plone, an open-source content management system.

Public library web sites are created and edited right through the web, using built-in text editors and other powerful features that make a tough job simple and give patrons a clean, usable, web site where the information delivery is the true and proper focus. Feel free to check out the demo version.

What is the Plinkit Collaborative? The Collaborative is a membership organization (at the state level) that formed in July 2006. The goal of the Collaborative is to provide Plinkit to public libraries beyond Oregon (where Plinkit started) and to pool funds in support of software development, training, documentation, and marketing activities.

Who is Currently involved? Four states currently participate in the Collaborative: Colorado[2], Illinois, Oregon, and Texas.

LITA Presentation - From Plone to Plinkit to Public Libraries: A Tale of Four States [3]