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Software and hardware tools and best practice stories relating to PC management.

MaintainIT Project

The MaintainIT Project is collecting success stories from public libraries and other settings with public access computers, and spreading the word about best practices for keeping the computers hummming. In addition to the information on the project website, MaintainIT is producing a series of free guides customized for different kinds of public libraries (e.g. rural, small, suburban, urban)

The first free "cookbook" for rural libraries is available now, and can be downloaded at: [1] If you work in a rural library, please take a look and let the project know what you think.

Also, please share your thoughts and methods on any aspect of managing public access computers, including:

  • Technology planning
  • Budgeting for tech support
  • Using volunteers for tech support
  • Computer security
  • Wireless public computers
  • Reserving time and managing printing

Share your best practices, so others can learn from them!! Contact the project at:

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