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=== Library Blogs for Teen Patrons ===
=== Library Blogs for Teen Patrons ===
''Note: The list below was moved from the [http://www.yalibrarian.com/wordpress/2006/02/library-20-services-to-teens-a-listing/ Alt. Teen Services blog] to this wiki page on 05/19/2006. If you wish to add a blog to the list, please [[Special:Userlogin | register]] as a wiki editor and add the new link. If this is too much of a hassle, just leave a comment [http://www.yalibrarian.com/wordpress/2006/02/library-20-services-to-teens-a-listing/ here], with the new blog to be added, and I'll update the wiki list ASAP. --[[User:Sisterstephie|Sisterstephie]] 15:26, 19 May 2006 (EDT)<br><br>''
Please add your blog!

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Library Blogs for Teen Patrons

Please add your blog!






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  • Blogs for Teens - library blogs for teen patrons.
  • MySpace & Teens - a list of library MySpace profiles oriented towards teen patrons.
  • Podcasts & Teens - a list of podcasts created through partnership with public libraries and teens.
  • RSS & Teens - a list of libraries using RSS feeds to deliver digital content to teens.